King Costa

Global Centre for Academic Research (ZA)

King Costa is the co-founder and Managing Director/Registrar at the Global Centre for Academic Research (G-CAR), Johannesburg, South Africa, Research Associate Professor at AMADI University College, Swaziland and South Valley University, Zambia; author of the C.O.S.T.A Research Model, a pedagogy for teaching and coaching postgraduate students on Research Methods. He is a webQDA Collaborator. Dr. Costa is also a member of the following professional bodies: AQRA: Asian Qualitative Research Association, SAIMS: Southern African Institute of Management Scientists, SARIMA: Southern African Research Innovation & Management Association, Society of Professors of Education. He is a research supervisor and coach of Masters and PhD students across many universities in South Africa and other countries. He is an academic mentor at Publons Academy where he supervises learning on Peer Review methods. He is passionate about qualitative research and mixed methods of inquiry. He has contributed chapters in two academic research books published in Europe and the USA, respectively.