Lucimara Fornari

webQDA (Gold Sponsor)

Lucimara Fabiana Fornari graduated in Nursing from the State University of the Midwest / Paraná, Brazil (2010). Master in Nursing from the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (2014). Doctor in the Nursing Interunits Post-Graduation Program of the Nursing School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil (USP). Member of the research group Gender, Health and Nursing (USP). She has experience in Nursing, researching on the following topics: qualitative research, gender violence, nursing care and educational technologies. She is General Secretary at the Brazilian Association of Nursing Section São Paulo (2016-2019) and participates as a collaborator in the webQDA software team (2018-actual).

Literature Review with webQDA: better organization, faster process, stellar results
Literature Review is an important step for researchers, as it allows to synthesize previously produced knowledge and identify gaps in proposing new studies. The use of digital tools to support literature review, and qualitative analysis in general, provides better organization, quality and validation of the research process. The purpose of this Demo Session is to present webQDA as a potential tool to support Literature Review and showcase an example of LR with the use of this software. Read more >>