Melanie Nind

National Centre for Research Methods

Professor of Education, co-director of ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, director of Centre for Research in Inclusion at University of Southampton. She is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, co-editor of International Journal of Research and Method in Education, and editor of Bloomsbury Research Methods for Education book series. Her methods publications include What is Inclusive Research (2014); Research Methods for Pedagogy (2016), The Teaching and Learning of Social Research Methods (2016). Recent projects include studies of: quality in inclusive research, the pedagogy of methodological learning, and how adults with learning disabilities are re/self-building social care.

National Centre for Research Methods panel on ‘Methodological Innovations and Resources: Forms of Data, Partnership and Pedagogy’
This session draws on research and resources developed in the context of NCRM with presentations by three of its co-directors. The presentations will range across innovations and resources relating to the considerations around participatory research through focus groups, research involving partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, and research-generated resources to build capacity in dealing with large amounts of qualitative data. Read more >>